Venue FAQ's

Aloha Surfhouse is a WA family owned and operated business, employing locals and partnering with other local businesses.
We have a large selection of parties for all ages. Kids birthday parties are very popular, especially the Surf and Climb Combo. We also have adult party packages including alcohol beverage packages. Our dedicated Party Host will take your booking and ensure that you have the best party ever!
Yes! You can have a drink from 10am any day we are open. Aloha Surfhouse supports responsible service of alcohol.
You are most welcome to drop in for a barista style coffee and soak up the atmosphere. We are a great venue for a brief meeting or somewhere to hang out with friends.
We strongly recommend that you book online to avoid disappointment.

No. It is free admission to the Aloha Surfhouse. Anyone can watch any of the activities for free at any time.
Yes, there is a ramp from the car park to the front door. Once inside the venue there are stairs to the viewing platform in front of the wave machine and also to the balcony party area. Wheelchair access is possible to the viewing area at each side of the wave machine and to the climbing area.

We no longer have signed Waivers, however by participating in activities at Aloha Surfhouse you are bound by the Terms and Conditions and accept full responsibility for any injuries. We operate with strict safety procedures and the well-being of our customers is a major focus of our business, and extremely important to ensure that you keep coming back for more fun!

Of course! We just ask that you be respectful of other customers in the venue who may not want their photo taken.

Yes! There are lockers and change rooms on the premises.

Yes we certainly do! Vouchers are like credit amounts that you can use across all activities at Aloha, including Surfing, Climbing, Merchandise and Café. They are valid for 12 months and you can access them here.

We hold regular Surf Parties, Ladies Only Nights, Glow in the Dark Climbing and Sundowners. Check out our events page for the next one!

Surfing FAQ's

Should there be less than 4 people booked into a session, we reserve the right to bump you to the next session 30 minutes later.
Absolutely. Aloha Surfhouse is by far the worlds easiest place to find your feet on a surfboard – because the wave just keeps rolling! Our Surfstream™ wave machine has 3 different settings – The River Wave setting gives even the most novice of a surfer a boost in confidence by allowing extended time on a board.
We offer 30 minute public sessions with up to 10 riders rotating through. Only 2 riders will be on the wave at any time unless you’ve booked out the wave for a private session and then it’s up to you!
You can ride our waves longer than any wave you’ve ridden before. Either fatigue or trying something rad will end your turn…a much better way to end than the wave simply stopping. Shred…get rolled…then watch your friends have a go.
There is always some risk involved with this type of activity and a sense of balance is very important. We have taught many people to surf and our strict safety procedures ensure that you will have the safest possible conditions at all times. SurfStream® can be adjusted and operated to provide a high degree of safety for almost anyone with or without padding or helmets. Slow water speeds and a deep cushion of water are keys to safety as well as our trained operators. Your skill level needs to increase with wave size and speed and we require all participants to wear a helmet.
A surfboard (or bodyboard) is included as well as a helmet. Just wear your bathers or what you will be surfing in and bring a towel and a change of clothes. Change rooms and showers are provided, you can also rent a locker if you want to store your belongings.
There is lots to do at the Surfhouse! We have a merchandise store, a licenced Cafe, fitness and yoga programs, gaming machines as well as indoor adventure climbing.
Yes! We’ll have bodyboards available as well as surfboards.
As we are an indoor venue, the water is a fairly constant warm temperature all year round. In fact, people in wetsuits tend to overheat!
We don’t have an age restriction. If you think you can do it, we encourage you to give it try.

The Aloha Surfhouse is the only indoor surfing venue in Australia. There are a few around the world, but Perth is lucky to have the very first one!

A wave is either a left or a right, depending on which direction the wave breaks from the point of view of a surfer riding the wave. If the wave is breaking from right to left, the surfer will have to turn left to ride the wave This wave is a left. Needless to say, the right is the opposite!

Climbing FAQ's

Yes, if your child is under 100cm you must be able to see and hear them at all times. This means you will need to be in the climbing area, close enough to help if need be. You are also responsible for checking that your child is properly clipped into the auto belay.
If you cannot leave the ground then maybe this one is not for you. We have instructed many people who are scared of heights and the results are amazing. As you become comfortable with the belay system it is easy to go just a little bit higher and overcome your fears.
You most certainly can! Head to the booking tab and you will be able to select ‘wave and climb’ combination for just $50! Probably a good idea to do the dry activity before the wet.
Clip n Climb is extremely safe. It houses the only auto belay device that is rated to the highest world climbing standard. Each individual is also given a briefing and demonstration on how to correctly use this belay system for ultimate safety.
Yes! Clip n Climb has proven fun for people of all ages. We even have team building sessions and corporate packages.
The TRUBLUE has the largest weight range and tallest height range of any modular auto belay system. TRUBLUE accommodates weights from 10kg to 150 kg so I am sure you will be fine!
Yes! For your own safety and protection it is essential that you wear enclosed shoes.
Each session runs for 1 hour which will give you plenty of time to complete the challenges. We can guarantee that you will be tired before you run out of time, but you can also choose to book back to back sessions if 1 hour climbing isn’t enough for you!
We have a Leap of Faith and Vertical Drop challenge for the more adventurous climbers. There is an extra charge but the bragging rights are worth it!

Clip ‘n Climb is located inside the Aloha Surfhouse.

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