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we are open to clients hiring out our venue to host their one in a lifetime experience

Venue Hire

Host any function you like at Aloha as we can cater for anyone looking to have nothing but fun!


Treat your team to a surf, climb or both! Perfect for an end of year party, networking event, reward or Christmas party!


Take the opportunity to use our exciting spacious facility to organise a fundraising event.

Venue Hire

Looking for a niche facility to organise your exclusive function? We not only have our state-of-the-art indoor climbing and surfing equipment for you to have a crack at but we have an in-house cafe for food and drink catering and five party rooms and a mezzanine area to utilise. Whether it be a private party, special occasion for family and friends or you just want to have fun with your homies, Aloha can host it all!

Our friendly members of staff are there to provide specific training to turn your learning to surf and climb dream into reality and ensure your function becomes a highlight of your year!

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(12+ people)

Want to wrap up the year somewhere epic? or just want to reward your team for their efforts? Then this is the perfect option for you!

If your looking to celebrate the end of a successful financial year or searching for a location to host a colleagues birthday – we got you! Our multi-purpose facility provides you the best of both the surfing and climbing worlds for you to venture, have fun and put your work mates to the test.




Whether your an NGO or an individual with a keen interest in raising money for a special cause our spacious venue acts as a perfect location to host your fundraising event!

Catering Packages

Choose from a range of catering options to make your visit that much tastier. Yum! Contact us for information regarding catering at our venue.

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