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Aloha-Surf House

  We respect and value your privacy. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, store and otherwise deal with your personal information and sensitive information in compliance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. Why We Collect Your Information The main purposes for which we collect information are:
  • to provide our services to you;
  • to market other goods and services to you that we, or companies related to us, offer;
  • to market other businesses that operate in the Aloha-Surf House complexes throughout Australia, or the goods or services they offer including food and beverage outlets, retail outlets and other entertainment or sports facilities (“Location Related Businesses”);
  • to maintain contact with you;
  • to keep you informed of current developments with Aloha Surf-House;
  • to notify you of events, services and service offers;
  • for recruitment and employment (including expressions of interest in working for us);
  • for administration and management purposes.
You will always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving material from us by following the links included in any correspondence from us. Please note, if you do choose to opt out of receiving material from us, we may still contact you in relation to any specific services you have booked, such as to confirm the booking or to get the required paperwork completed for the booking. Types of Information We May Collect Under the Privacy Act 1988 there are two types of information we might collect, being personal information (which can be summarised as information that might identify you) and sensitive information (which can be summarised as information that may lead to prejudice against you). The type of personal information which we will ordinarily collect includes your name, home and postal address, contact phone numbers, email address, business contact details, email and occupation.   We may ask you for other information where it is relevant to the provision of services to you, such as your credit or debit card details and whether you have experience in any particular activities. Unless specifically necessary for us to provide services to you (and for physical activities some sensitive information will be necessary before we proceed to agree to provide services to you), we will not usually seek sensitive information from you or about you. Sensitive information can include things like your religion, ethnicity, criminal history, medical condition and sexual preference.  As above, and to avoid any doubt, if you wish to undertake a physical activity we provide, you will be obliged to provide us the sensitive information we ask for that is relevant to that physical activity such as your height and weight information, your sex, how old you are, what medical conditions or injuries you suffer and whether you are pregnant. We may collect photographs or videos of you and any children you accompany to an Aloha Surf-House complex for security purposes or for promotional purposes. By entering an Aloha-Surf House complex, you expressly consent to us doing so. How We Collect Your Information Generally, we will collect personal information directly from you. This may be as a result of your submitting an online enquiry, engaging on our social media pages or blogs, completing paperwork at our facilities, using our website or otherwise providing us with your personal and where required, sensitive, information. Sometimes it may also be necessary for us to collect your information from a third party, or from a publicly available source, however, we will only do that when it would be reasonable to expect us to do so, or where it is not reasonable to expect us to do so, then with your consent. We May Share Your Information That We Collect We may share your information with Location Related Business to allow them to market directly to you in relation to their goods and services. However, Location Related Businesses will not be able to share your personal information with any other third party businesses (other than us or other Location Related Businesses) without your consent. We will not share your sensitive information with other Location Related Businesses without your express authority. We may also share your personal and sensitive information if we are compelled by law, for example, under court orders or statutory notices to produce documents or under laws relating to social security, taxation, bankruptcy, anti-money laundering, counterterrorism and the management of incorporated entities. If you are subject to an insurance claim with our insurer, then we may share your personal and sensitive information with our insurer. Where we do share your information with third parties because this Policy disclosed that we might, we will always request that such third parties deal and protect your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Except as outlined above, will not otherwise share your information with third parties. We will never sell your information. How Long We Will Hold Your Personal Information We will hold your information for only as long as is required to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as otherwise as required by law. Use of Cookies Please refer to our Terms and Conditions with respect to Cookies. Third Party Websites Our website may include links to third-party websites. If you access those websites (even via a link from our website) you will be subject to their privacy policy and not ours. We are not responsible for any use, misuse or misappropriation by others of any information or content that you make available on such sites. Blogs, Forums, and Social Media Profiles Our website may host various blogs, forums, and  our company may run other social media profiles or services that allow you to share information and content with other users (“Applications’). Any information or content that you contribute to any Applications can be read, collected and used by other users over whom we may have no control. We are not responsible for any use, misuse or misappropriation by other users of any information or content that you contribute to any Applications. Security of Your Information We will take reasonable commercial measures to ensure the security of your information, whether kept in electronic form or hard copy. We use a range of physical and electronic procedures to ensure the privacy of your personal information is safeguarded. These include restricting physical access to our administrative offices, maintaining a secure database system, passwords, encryption and firewalls. However, the internet is not secure and we cannot guarantee the security of any information sent to us via the internet. We may also use the Cloud for storage of our databases, company files and other information, including information collected about you. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the servers for any Cloud-based storage are located in countries that have privacy laws that operate in a similar manner to Australia, we cannot guarantee that all servers will be located in such countries, or that the servers, or the Cloud itself cannot be hacked. We will not be liable to you if an incident occurs in relation to the security of your information provided that we have taken reasonable commercial measures to ensure its security. How You Can Access Your Information If you would like to access the information we hold about you, you may do so by contacting our offices. We will endeavour to respond within 2 weeks of receiving such request. In some circumstances, we may refuse to provide you with access. We will advise you of the reasons why if we do refuse. If you believe any information held by us is incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete or not up-to-date please advise us at your earliest convenience so that we can take the reasonable steps to update the information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988. Amending the Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Please ensure that you follow the link on our website to ensure you are reading the most up to date Policy. What if You Provide Us with Someone Else’s Information If you provide us with someone else’s information, you should only do so if you have their express authority or consent because we will hold you liable if you don’t and we suffer any claim or loss. You should also take reasonable steps to inform them of the matters set out in this Privacy Policy. How to Contact Us You may request further information about the way we manage your information by emailing us at

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