Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor Surfing – it’s new. We know you’ve probably got questions. Below are some of the most common but if you want to know more just come down and check it out for yourself and watch others in action or get in touch via email, phone or on social.


Looking for a waiver?

When you book you will be emailed a link to a waiver which is connected to your booking. Otherwise you can sign a waiver online at Don't forget that if you're signing for someone under 18 you need to 'add a minor' to your details.

I’ve never surfed before, is it for beginners?

Absolutely. Aloha Surfhouse is by far the worlds easiest place to find your feet on a surfboard – because it keeps rolling! Our Surfstream™ wave machine has 3 different settings – The River Wave setting gives even the most novice of surfer a boost in confidence by allowing extended time on a board.

How many people can ride at a time?

We offer 30 minute sessions with up to 12 riders rotating through. Only 2 riders will be on the wave at any time unless you’ve booked out the wave and then it’s up to you!

Once I’m up and riding, how long can I rip it for?

You can ride our waves longer than any wave you’ve ridden before. Either fatigue or trying something rad will end your turn…a much better way to end than the wave simply stopping. Shred…get rolled…then watch your friends have a go.

Is it safe?

SurfStream® can be adjusted and operated to provide a high degree of safety for almost anyone with or without padding or helmets. Slow water speeds and a deep cushion of water are keys to safety as well as our trained operators. Your skill needs to increase with wave size and speed.

We require all participants to wear a helmet.

Do I need to bring anything?

A surfboard (or bodyboard) is included as well as a helmet. Just wear your bathers or what you will be surfing in and bring a towel and a change of clothes. Change rooms and showers are provided, you can also rent a locker if you want to store your belongings.

What else is at Aloha Surfhouse?

We’ll also have a fashion boutique, a coffee shop, yoga and indoor adventure climbing.

Can I bodyboard if I don’t want to surf?

Yes! We'll have bodyboards available as well as surfboards.

What is the age range to surf the wave?

We welcome almost any age groups to ride with us at Aloha Surfhouse. Under 18s will need a parent or guardian to complete their waiver.

If I don’t want to surf, do I have to pay to watch?

No. Anyone can watch for free at any time.

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